Nickelodeon Debuts New Online-Only Series ‘Welcome to the Wayne’


Nickelodeon is jumping into the fray of original online programming with its new series Welcome to the Wayne. Available exclusively on and the new Nickelodeon mobile app, the series follows the adventures of a 10-year-old boy named Olly Timbers and his friends who live in a “wacky apartment building.”

The show is Nickelodeon’s is “first web-exclusive series produced by the network’s new animated shorts program, which seeks to create a pipeline of fresh content for the web, mobile and, potentially, television,” according to the New York Times. It is all part of a new strategy at Nickelodeon, which includes an updated design of their website (the new site went live a few days ago) and “blurred lines” between TV, mobile, and web viewing of their content.

While Welcome to the Wayne is available exclusively on the web and mobile devices right now, it will most likely make its way to television in the near future. New episodes are released online every Monday.

Welcome to the Wayne is created and written by Billy Lopez, who also happens to be the brother of Bobby Lopez, composer of The Book of Mormon and Avenue Q along with Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen with his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez. Talent clearly runs in the family!

Source: New York Times

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