Sneak Peek at ‘Inside Out’ with Disney Movies Anywhere


There is so much about the newest teaser from Pixar that has me happily reminiscing of the 90’s Disney films. The mystique and general feelings of wonder as to what this film is going to be along with the behind-the-scenes footage of work in progress brings me back to the glorious days of pencil-test trailers.

Director Pete Docter and Producer Jonas Rivera (both from UP) discuss a little of the animation process for the emotions and how exaggerated, cartoony traditional animation attributes are being applied (for the first time) to Pixar characters.

This is also our first glimpse at an official still of Riley, our heroine, as well as test animation of the emotions. In the clips, they are seen playing with marshmallows and it is seriously captivating.  I am already so all-in for this film that it is not even funny, but thankfully I’ve got my own internal emotions doing battle to help balance me out.

To see the video, sign up for Disney Movies Anywhere on your computer or iOS device, click “Discover,” and then look for the “1 Fact About ‘Monsters University’ + a Peek at ‘Inside Out'” video.

Pixar Animation Studios’ Inside Out opens in U.S. theaters on June 19th, 2015.

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