Check Out New Stills from Disney’s ‘Feast’

Feast 2

USA Today has a feast for our eyes with a new article this week about Walt Disney Animation Studios’ upcoming short Feast.

The article give us a good look at Winston, the Boston terrier who is the star of the story, along with a peek of the unique CG-animation style used in the short.

Feast tells the story of stray puppy Winston, how he finds his human James, and how their friendship grows over a 12-year period based on the meals they share. The story is told entirely from Winston’s point of view.

Director Patrick Osborne told USA Today:

“Every relationship has something that starts it off, and in this case it’s food. I wanted to tell a life story of a man and the dog under the table through the meals they share. It becomes this story of love between a dog and owner.”

Osborne pitched the idea to fellow dog lover and Disney Animation’s chief creative officer John Lasseter, who awarded him the gig. Osborne and team spent 12 months on the project.

Feast 1

The short, which debuted at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival earlier this year, has been screened to various audiences over the last few months and is currently playing with the Frozen sing-along experience now happening at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood through September 7th. Feast will play in front of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ upcoming feature Big Hero 6 which opens in U.S. theaters in 3D on November 7th.

Source: USA Today

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