Donald Glover Voicing Miles Morales in ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ Series

Ultimate Spider Man Miles Morales Masked

Rapper and actor Donald Glover has another great gig to add to his resume – the voice of Spider-Man. In a recent USA Today article, Glover talked about his new role as the voice of Miles Morales/Spider-Man in season three of Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors.

As we’ve previously reported, season three is going to have Peter Parker meet many of the various Spider-Man incarnations throughout multiple parallel worlds, including Miles Morales, in a “Spider-Verse” story arc.

Glover played an important role in the introduction of the Miles Morales character in the Spider-Man universe. Glover is an avid reader of Spider-Man comics and a huge Spider-Man fan. He took to his Twitter feed in a campaign a few years ago to play Spider-Man on film. His character Troy Barnes on Community also wore Spider-Man pajamas in an episode. According to USA Today, Marvel writer Brian Michael Bendis was inspired by Glover’s actions and decided to create Miles Morales in 2011.

“I don’t think it’s hit me necessarily yet how big of a deal that is,” Glover said to USA Today. “I’m very grateful for that, and it’s cool to read the comic now.”

Donald Glover Spiderman Troy Community

In Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, Miles Morales will be 13 years old, just like in the comics, and will be still trying to figure out how to use his powers when he meets the actual Peter Parker (voiced by our good friend Drake Bell). The encounter rocks his world because in his universe, Peter is dead.

Steven Wacker, vice president of Marvel Television’s animation group, said:

“[Miles] meets someone who is his hero, and that comes across completely in Donald’s performance. He’s got a real warmth that suits the character really, really well. If you’ve read Miles Morales comics, Donald’s voice nails what you’ve been reading.”

While Glover is thrilled about his voice-over role, he is still “holding out” to play live-action Spidey on the big screen. “I still have hopes to do something like that one day. I don’t look at this as second place. Spider-Man, he’s such an icon — you have to do something with him.”

The Miles Morales/Spider-Verse episodes will air in 2015. Season three of Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors premiered this Sunday, August 31st on Disney X-D. Check your local listings for additional airings.

Source: USA Today

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