‘Hullabaloo’ Team Has Raised Money for 2D Animated Project


Veteran animator James Lopez is a man on a mission. He wants to keep the art of 2D animation alive. He and his team of artists and filmmakers have put together an intriguing project called Hullabaloo which they hope to bring to fruition via the crowdsourcing site Indiegogo.

Hullabaloo brings together two things that James Lopez loves—2D animation and steampunk. The production design of the project looks promising as shown in their introduction video along with art on the Indiegogo site.

Initially, the team is looking to make a Hullabaloo web series. James hopes that with their fans’ help, they will be able to continue their work on the project and convince investors to fund a feature film (they have at this point raised over $400,000).

The crowdsourcing perks were also interesting. One notable perk was a one-on-one online animation course with James Lopez himself hosted by VirtualAnimators.com, including the chance to upload your animation work and have it critiqued during the session.

Learn more about the Hullabaloo project and the project team on their Indiegogo crowdsourcing site and Facebook page.

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