‘Top Cat’ CG Feature in Production at Anima Estudios


Have you ever caught an episode of the Hanna-Barbera animated series Top Cat? The original series, which ran from 1961-1962, has long been relegated to reruns on Boomerang, etc. The characters, however, have been enjoying a bit of a revival courtesy of Mexico-based Anima Estudios.

Anima created a hand-drawn animated feature in 2011 appropriated titled Top Cat: The Movie. The film was a hit in Mexico, where it was the top grossing Mexican film made and distributed in the country that year.

They are now working on a sequel (or rather a prequel/companion film), this time using CG animation, called Top Cat Begins. The film will be directed by Andres Couturier. According to Anima Estudios chairman Fernando De Fuentes, the film “is the most ambitious project in our studio’s history and the one with the most international potential.” It is Anima Estudios’ 12th animated feature film.

Top Cat Begins is scheduled to premiere in Mexico on August 7th, 2015.

Sources: Cartoon Brew, Variety

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