Watch This: Disney UK Releases New ‘Inside Out’ Trailer


I can’t remember an animated trailer getting so much widespread hype in a long time. The new Inside Out clip released in the United Kingdom Wednesday was texted and tweeted and emailed and Facebook messaged to me by friends and colleagues of mine from many walks of life—most unrelated to animation. They were all bubbling with intrigue, “Have you seen this?” “What is this?” “This looks so interesting!” And I am not surprised by their fascination—this trailer is epic!

We start with the kitchen scene we have seen for months now, but that is pretty much where the similarity to previous clips ends. First, we zoom into Mom’s head—which was totally unexpected for me! Mom’s emotions are the same five as we’ve seen in Riley, except they are all wearing big red glasses, have mom’s hairdo and even Anger and Fear look like women. Mom is trying to figure out what’s going on with Riley, who gives a shaky response when asked how her first day of school was. Mom’s emotions signal Dad for support, but his emotions are distracted by a soccer game (or hockey, depending on which clip you see) they are watching in Dad’s head.

Dad’s emotions are the same five, too, but sporting moustaches and suits like Dad. Joy, Disgust and Sadness also look like men in Dad’s head. Anger appears to run the show in Dad, while Sadness sits center in Mom. Sadness isn’t as we’ve seen her, though; she is talkative and seems more sensitive than sad. When Dad asks Riley about school, Riley gets even more annoyed and we see Disgust followed by Anger initiating Riley’s even more sassy responses, which make the Fear inside Dad give a laugh-out-loud line, “Sir, reporting high levels of sass!”

Lewis Black as Anger in Riley is also hysterical with, “You want a piece of me, Pop?” as he is literally steaming with rage that boils over into Riley shouting, “Just shut up!” which initiates Dad’s Anger to “put the foot down,” a procedure requiring all five emotions to use their keys simultaneously, like in a shuttle launch. After the foot is down, which sounded to the people like “Go to your room!” Dad’s emotions are relieved—feeling like they just avoided disaster, while Mom’s emotions know that what just happened was a disaster.  To comfort themselves after the terrible scene, Mom’s emotions watch what must be a memory of a Brazilian helicopter pilot referenced earlier in the trailer.

The trailer is so great and answers as many questions as we could’ve hoped for, while bringing to mind about a thousand new ones. We don’t get to see Joy or Sadness in Riley’s mind here, which makes me wonder if the minds of young kids are a little less organized than adults, so that the emotions are still shifting control around, which is why Joy is not yet in the center as we learned in the synopsis is kind of the main goal of the film. How this dynamic works is really starting to make sense now and I am finally beginning to wonder more about Riley’s life and what is going on to make her so emotional.

This is one of the best trailers I have seen in a very long time and I absolutely can not wait for this film! Pete Docter is a genius and I am definitely wondering about the voices inside his head.

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