Nintendo Announces Smart Phone Gaming Partnership

nintendo mobile gaming

News broke recently from Nintendo that they are partnering up with fellow Japanese company DeNA. They will be developing games on smart phone platforms based on Nintendo properties such as Mario and Donkey Kong.

What does this mean for Nintendo? Nintendo will still be focusing most of their time and attention on the WiiU and 3DS while developing all new original titles for smart phone devices. The two companies will also be working on a brand new membership service to replace Club Nintendo (which will be closing this year). This new membership service will also be accessible on smart phones using a new app feature.

Now before you ask if this is a merger, I will tell you that it isn’t. Nintendo and DeNA are forming a “Capital Alliance” which means that they will each get shares in the two companies. I will tell you that I am personally excited about this. I think it is a giant leap forward for Nintendo and it shows that they are willing to adapt and try a new market. Maybe there will be a way to incorporate Amiibo on this new platform. Who knows maybe we will get a Super Smash Bros on android and IOS. Thoughts?

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