New Details Released About ‘Frozen 2’


Disney has made exciting announcements today about the upcoming production of Frozen 2, the sequel to the most successful animated film in the universe, Frozen 1.

First, following the highly lucrative artistically minded model of Harry Potter 7.1 and Harry Potter 7.2, The Twilight Saga, the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War (Parts 1 & 2), and now The Hunger Games trilogy +1, Frozen 2 will actually be split into two separate films.

“Our fans can’t get enough of the magic of Frozen,” said a Disney spokesperson. “So, we’ve decided just to add a few magical minutes to the finished reel and to split it into two magical films. It worked for Peter Jackson’s endless Hobbit films, so why can’t it magically work for us?”

Exciting casting news for the sequel has been made as well. Since Idina Menzel, the voice of Queen Elsa, particularly her singing of the film’s signature song “Let It Go,” didn’t connect with 100% percent of children on planet Earth (it only connected with 99% of them; the remaining 1% live without electricity or Disney Channel), a decision has been made to let Idina go and to bring in the one and only Britney Spears to take over the role.

britney elsa

“Britney’s notoriety, experience, and electronically enhanced vocal stylings should be just the ticket to carry the role forward,” said the Disney spokesperson, magically. “Not to mention, that she was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club.”

Release dates for Frozen 2: Part 1 and Frozen 2: Part 2 will be announced at a future date.