Viewpoint: ‘Big Hero 6’ and the Unexpected Year

Los Angeles Premiere Of Walt Disney Animation Studios' "Big Hero 6" - Red Carpet

Last year, I set a simple, clear, well-defined goal—get invited to a screening of Big Hero 6 at Walt Disney Animation Studios. It was a goal that I wanted ardently and one that I etched into my psyche. I mean, I even wrote it down (because “a goal not written is only a wish,” true?). I figured that if mommy bloggers and other fan sites could get invited to a day at the vaulted Disney Studio lot, why not Animation Fascination and why not for this film?

I decided that the way to get this goal to happen was to do some serious homework about the film and to write as many articles about it as I could.  So I researched, read, traveled, worked, wrote, and wrote some more. I kept hoping that the if I put this goal out to the universe and worked hard enough, my dream might come true.

Well, even though I worked and wished consistently and determinedly, my goal did not come to fruition. I never got the call from Walt Disney Animation Studios inviting me to come to Burbank for an early (or any) screening of Big Hero 6. In fact, probably no one from Disney has or ever will read one of my articles or even knows that I exist.

BH6 Stanford Desk

However, just like there was another Skywalker, there was another unwritten goal/dream that I had—I quietly but fervently hoped that Big Hero 6 would continue the success story of the renewal of Disney Animation, that the film would be great, and that film goers and animation fans would embrace it. Thankfully, that dream came true and it makes up for any feelings I may have had about my sincere but misguided goal.

Big Hero 6 is a wonderful film. It has been a huge critical and financial success. It is the third most successful film from Disney Animation, following Frozen and The Lion King. It has won a bevy of awards, including the Academy Award for Best Animated Film. It earned an 89% Tomatometer rating and 92% audience rating on But, most importantly, it has re-established Walt Disney Animation Studios again as a worldwide leader in animation artistry, filmmaking, and storytelling.

Walt himself would be proud. As for me, I’m just grateful that a studio that I greatly love and admire is producing outstanding films again and that there is much to look forward to in the future. I didn’t get invited to travel to Burbank, but the journey through San Fransokyo with Hiro, Tadashi, Baymax, Honey Lemon, Go Go, Wasabi, Fred, et al., has been fantastic and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Thanks, Big Hero 6, for the unforgettable ride and for making this an unexpectedly happy year.