Season 2 Begins for ‘Star Wars Rebels’

© Lucasfilm/Disney

© Lucasfilm/Disney

Have you been watching Star Wars Rebels? Well you should know by now that the baddest space villain of them all, namely Darth Vader (and voiced again by the one and only James Earl Jones), is part of the series, at least for the beginning of season 2, which debuts on June 20th on Disney X-D.

Here’s the new Season 2 trailer: spoke recently with Lucasfilm’s Dave Filoni:

Darth Vader isn’t taking over the role of the series’ central antagonist, says series creator Dave Filoni — instead he’ll be sending into the two new Inquisitors, whom we saw in the recent season 2 trailer, to track down the Rebels (and sorry, fellow Expanded Universe nerds — neither of them is Mara Jade). But his encounter with our favorite gang of misfits, however brief, is going to affect them deeply throughout the new season.

“I think you don’t want to overuse a character like that, and you don’t want to have characters like Darth Vader in a situation where he’s going to lose relentlessly,” Filoni told MTV News over the phone. “As we were figuring out the story of the rebels in Season 1, we didn’t want to put Vader in that position. So we waited until their skills kind of grew and as a group they became more formidable, and we thought, ‘Okay, after Season 1 they’ve caused a lot of trouble, let’s send in the heavy artillery and kind of smack them down a little bit.’ Put them back in their place with Darth Vader.”

But Darth Vader’s not the only beloved “Star Wars” character whose presence will be felt this season — Ahsoka Tano is back too, as excited fans learned at the end of last year’s season finale.

“She’s very much a warrior, but she’s also sort of a mentor and in some ways spiritual leader of the group, [but] she’s not directly tied to our rebels all the time,” said Filoni. “One character that I used as a reference point for the writers was if you look at the way Gandalf kind of operates in ’The Hobbit,’ he’s in and out of the story because he’s working on many levels and doing many other things all the time. I really see Ahsoka that way, where she’s maneuvering a lot of pieces on the board and putting people in positions, but then it’s really up to them to make something of the situation.”

© Lucasfilm/Disney

© Lucasfilm/Disney

And here’s a cool short about the return of Ahsoka Tano:

Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels is available for streaming on multiple platforms. It is also coming to Blu-ray on September 1st, 2015.

Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels returns to Disney X-D on June 20th, 9pm ET/PT, with the hour-long episode “The Siege of Lothal.”

Look for Star Wars Rebels on Disney X-D and on the Watch Disney X-D app.

© Lucasfilm/Disney

© Lucasfilm/Disney

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