Watch This: Stunning ‘Pearl’ Short by Patrick Osborne for Google Spotlight Stories

pearl 02

Pearl from Google Spotlight Stories

As you may recall, Google Spotlight Stories is an app that allows you watch some really cool animation in 360°. You’ve got to try it to believe it. Recently added to Google’s collection is the new short Pearl directed by Academy Award winner Patrick Osborne (Feast).

Pearl tells the story of a young girl and her musician father as they drive around the country in a hatchback car “chasing their dreams.”

Here’s the short with a static viewpoint now playing on the Google Spotlight Stories YouTube channel:

To really experience the short, you’ve got to watch it and move through all of the scenes using a supported iOS or Android device. To view the short in full interactive 360° on an Android phone, use the YouTube App on a compatible Android device. For Apple iOS, download the Google Spotlight Stories app from the Apple App Store.

While you’re at it, make sure to watch Glen Keane’s brilliant Duet short on Google Spotlight Stories, too. VR animation is such a cool idea and it will be interesting to see how filmmakers and technology companies continue to further their storytelling through the medium.

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