New Details about Pixar’s ‘Piper’ Short

piper 01

© Disney/Pixar

Playing in front of Pixar’s upcoming animated feature Finding Dory is a new short about a baby sandpiper called Piper. The folks at Pixar gave USA Today the details about their newest short film.

The short tells the story of a tiny sandpiper and her mother and how the baby bird learns about having the courage to face her fears brought on by her natural environment.

Alan Barillaro directed the short and it’s his directorial debut. He’s worked as an animator and supervising animator at Pixar since 1998. He came up with the story idea for Piper while running on a Northern California beach.

piper 02

© Disney/Pixar

“This is a story about conquering and overcoming your personal fears — in this case, the water,” said Barillaro. “This is a tale of how to grow up in a world that seems so large and intimidating with the courage to get past those fears.”

Based on the two above images, it looks like we animation fans are in for a real treat. Pixar’s gorgeous hyper-realism returns (ala The Good Dinosaur) and I can’t wait to see this next week.

Piper along with Finding Dory open in U.S. theaters on June 17th.

Source: USA Today

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