Pixar Updates Release Schedule

Pixar Animation Studios has swapped the release dates of their upcoming animated sequels Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2. Here’s their revised release schedule of announced films.

Cars 3

  • Release Date: June 17, 2017 (same as before)
  • Director: Brian Fee

Cars 3 Concept Art


  • Release Date: November 22, 2017 (same as before)
  • Director: Lee Unkrich

The Incredibles 2

  • Release Date: June 15, 2018 (swapped dates with Toy Story 4)
  • Director: TBA (we assume/hope it’s Brad Bird)

Toy Story 4

  • Release Date: June 21, 2019 (swapped dates with The Incredibles 2)
  • Director: John Lasseter

About Toy Story 4, Oh My Disney had this to say:

“John Lasseter, director of the original Toy Story and Toy Story 2, will direct the film, which opens a new chapter in the lives of Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the Toy Story gang. The story was dreamt up by Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter and Lee Unkrich, the storytellers who have been the driving force behind all three Toy Story films. The film is written by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack.

“‘We love these characters so much; they are like family to us,’ said Lasseter. ‘We don’t want to do anything with them unless it lives up to or surpasses what’s gone before. Toy Story 3 ended Woody and Buzz’s story with Andy so perfectly that for a long time, we never even talked about doing another Toy Story movie. But when Andrew, Pete, Lee and I came up with this new idea, I just could not stop thinking about it. It was so exciting to me, I knew we had to make this movie—and I wanted to direct it myself.'”

And about The Incredibles 2? Brad Bird said “It’ll be more Incredibles. I’m not going to give up anything! I come down on the side of surprise.”

Source: Oh My Disney

Images © Disney/Pixar

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