What is the Upcoming Project for Gary Rydstrom?


Many animation fans were disappointed about the cancellation of Pixar’s film Newt, the directorial debut of sound designer extraordinaire Gary Rydstrom. Although Newt was never made, Gary has remained hard at work on other projects.

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[UPDATE] Meridagate 2013 – Merida’s Princess ‘Makeover’ Gets Widely Criticized


Merida’s artistic “makeover” as part of becoming a full-fledged member of the Disney Princess brand has been met with major criticism, especially from her creator, former Pixar director Brenda Chapman. As reported by Animation Fascination and many other news sites, Merida, the heroine from Pixar’s 2012 animated hit Brave, was inducted into the Disney Princess “Royal Court” last weekend in a ceremony held at Walt Disney World. New artwork was created for Merida as part of the induction and for new Merida products for the Disney Princess product line. All Disney princesses have received a newly designed look over the last few months, which takes them more “off model” from how they looked in their respective films and makes them look more like, well, something else more sparkly.

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The 85th Annual Academy Awards Ceremony Recap


The 85th Academy Awards show is now in the record books. With host Seth MacFarlane (sans Stewie, unfortunately), Hollywood’s big night was full of fashion, surprises, musical numbers a-go-go (“Gold-fin-GAH” anyone?) and speeches great and, well, not so great (although the Jaws theme was a nice touch when time was running out). Overall, it was a reminder about what a terrific year it’s been for movies, including animated ones.

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