“Animation Fascination” Episode 38: The Disney Renaissance

AF 38

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In this episode Marc and Matt become renaissance men with guest host Josh Spiegel (from “Mousterpiece Cinema“). From The Little Mermaid up to Tarzan, we discuss Disney’s most successful era that began in the late 80s and ended around the year 2000.

Also discussed: the new release Escape from Planet Earth, some new clips from Monsters University, as well as news from Dreamworks and Illumination Entertainment.

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Meet the Students and Faculty of Monsters University!

Pixar Post - Monsters University ID Card

Pixar’s next film, Monsters University (a prequel to 2001’s much beloved Monsters, Inc.), will be in theaters in just a few short months (June 21st, to be exact). In the past few weeks we’ve witnessed an aggressively awesome marketing campaign. Pixar has unveiled a new trailer, an extended preview and viral videos; all of which have served as equal parts refresher as well as reintroduction to the world of Monstropolis. Today, eight new character posters and college IDs were released, providing fans with a detailed look at monsters old and new.

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MUST SEE: Second Trailer for Monsters University


Just the other day we posted an extended preview of Pixar’s next film, Monsters University. Today the second trailer was released and it sure looks like we’re going to get yet another masterful film from the hopping lamp.

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MUST SEE: An Extended Preview of Monsters University

"MONSTERS UNIVERSITY"   Concept art.  ©2012 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved

We here at Animation Fascination are pretty excited for Pixar’s 14th feature film, (and the prequel to Monsters, Inc) Monsters University. At this point we still haven’t seen much from the film  besides the first teaser trailer attached to Brave last summer and the viral college ad. But that’s about to change on February 19th. Continue reading