Christian Siriano Designs New Character for Disney’s ‘The Pirate Fairy’


Like it or lump it, the Disney Fairies franchise’s newest addition, The Pirate Fairy, which releases April 1st is the latest swashbuckling successor. Disney has enjoyed a good deal of critical and monetary success from the Fairy films, even though they have been direct-to-video releases. Tinker Bell, the first of the CG films based in Pixie Hollow, has an 89% Rotten Tomatoes rating. For The Pirate Fairy, Disney has something else to be proud of, having netted the highly acclaimed fashion designer Christian Siriano, who was the youngest winner of Project Runway and whose brand is worth millions in revenue to date, to work on character design.

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Watch This: Sneak Peek of Disney’s Planes


Well today has been amazing for us fans of Disney and animation. Disney has just shared with us a sneak peek of their upcoming film Planes, coming to theaters this August in 3D. Check it out after the jump…

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Casting Bits: Disney’s Planes and Blue Sky’s Rio 2


Some casting news today from both Disney and Blue Sky Studios for their films Planes and Rio 2 respectively. Recently we posted a trailer to Disney’s Planes and at the time we were unsure who would be replacing Jon Cryer as the film’s main protagonist, Dusty Crophopper. Well today Disney has announced that Dane Cook has been tapped to now voice the lead character.

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UPDATE: Watch This: New Trailer for Disney’s Planes


Way back in 2011 we first heard about the film Planes, a spinoff taking place above the world of Pixar’s Cars and Cars 2. In this new trailer we get a little bit better of an idea for the story line of the film then what we had known previously. Though it’s a spinoff of a Pixar film it is actually being produced by DisneyToon Studios, whose last film released theatrically was Pooh’s Heffalump Movie back in 2005. Check out the trailer after the jump…

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