Remastered ‘The Land Before Time’ Coming This Fall to Blu-ray and Digital HD

Director Don Bluth with some dinosaur friends from "The Land Before Time" (© Universal Pictures)

Director Don Bluth with some dinosaur friends from “The Land Before Time” (© Universal Pictures)

Universal Pictures’ perennial favorite The Land Before Time is getting some TLC for a new Blu-ray and Digital HD release this fall.

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‘Strange Magic’ Coming in 2015 from Lucasfilm


Lucasfilm Ltd. gave us all a surprise announcement with the unveiling of its latest animated feature film project, Strange Magic. Lucasfilm Animation Singapore and Industrial Light and Magic are doing the animation work (it’s the same animation team that created 2011’s Rango). With a story by George Lucas himself, the film is directed by Gary Rydstrom (we’ve been wondering about the specifics of what he’s been working on for quite some time).

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Render Me This…


Will Pixar’s Release of Free Non-Commercial RenderMan Change Animation?

Back in the 70’s and 80’s, the founders of Pixar were working with George Lucas and various other companies using their revolutionary rendering program algorithm REYES (Render Everything You Ever Saw). They were trying to change the world and no one who cares about great rendering could deny that they have succeeded. Now, over twenty-five years later, the program is still the best in the business and they have just announced their award-winning, life altering program is going to be made available for free for non-commercial use as well as much cheaper for commercial use.

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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Exec Producer Talks About New Series


With all of the crazy rumors floating around about a possible Pixar-created Star Wars film and the like (we’re taking a wait-and-see position on all of that business), we thought we’d focus on more substantiated Star Wars news—the currently-in-production Star Wars Rebels animated series.

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Ray Harryhausen: A Retrospective

Drawing by Austin Madison

Drawing by Austin Madison

Though I can’t pinpoint my first experience with a Ray Harryhausen film, I know the one that inspired me the most. In 1981, I sat in a dark theater and watched Titans Clash. I watched men fight huge scorpions, and I saw Gorgons beheaded, and horses flew effortlessly before my eyes, and I was enthralled when the Kraken was released by the gods to cause terror and destruction upon the world. I was completely mesmerized by what I was seeing. This–this was what movie magic was all about.

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“Animation Fascination” Episode 41: Cal Brunker – Writer/Director of ‘Escape from Planet Earth’

AF 41

Listen Now!!

Scorch me, baby! Straight from Planet Baab all the way to the Dark Planet itself, we’re back with another episode.

Marc and Matt interview Cal Brunker the writer/director of Rainmaker Entertainment’s Escape from Planet Earth. They discuss Cal’s introduction into the world of animation, what it’s like working at different animation studios, and the zombie version of Gary Supernova.

Also discussed: review of Dreamworks’ The Croods, new trailers for Despicable Me 2 and Turbo, and whole slew of animation news.

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Animated Series Star Wars: The Clone Wars Ending, New Series in the Works


Today Lucasfilm announced that the long running series Star Wars: The Clone Wars will be ending and that a new series is now in development. Also announced, the proposed series Star Wars: Detours has now been postponed for the time being. Read the official statement from Lucasfilm after the jump…

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