Accio ‘Harry Potter’ Hogwarts Collection

Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection Remember in 2012 when that really awesome Harry Potter Wizards Collection came out in that sweet chest thing with 31 discs, that crazy epic behind-the-scenes documentary and a bunch of cool add-ons like the horcrux locket and a cloth map? Remember how you felt when you saw that it was priced at 500 American dollars? (you sure that’s not in knuts?) Yeah, it hurt. But they’re softening the blow a bit by releasing the Harry Potter Hogwarts Collection in about a month (available for order now on Amazon) at the slightly more feasible price tag of $250.

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“Animation Fascination” Episode 58: Farhan Qureshi – Visual Effects Artist

AF 58

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In this special episode, Stanford and Marc interview visual effects artist Farhan Qureshi. He’s worked on everything from the Harry Potter films, to Batman Begins, and of course Aardman’s The Pirates: Band of Misfits.

Also Discussed: Farhan’s short films Digitopia: Discover Me, NitroDust and his book VFX and CG Survival Guide for Producers and Filmmakers, as well as the Oscar nominations for animation.

(Recorded on 01/19/14)

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