Viewpoint: Dreaming of DreamWorks


We’ve all read the stories–DreamWorks Animation recently restructured its management team, reduced its workforce, and revamped its film slate. Sure, the news is depressing. It’s never fun seeing talented people lose their jobs. Sending promising films back into development could mean that we animation fans may never get to see them at all. Even with all of the bad news, the dream is still alive at DreamWorks Animation and, fingers crossed, the future looks promising.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge—Good Times for a Good Cause


Many in the animation community have taken on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to help fight against this awful disease. Here are some of our favorites. Thanks to everyone for their support!

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DreamWorks Animation Purchases Rights to Felix the Cat


DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg announced this week at the 2014 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, that DreamWorks had acquired the rights to the classic animated character Felix the Cat for an undisclosed amount. DreamWorks will not be creating new Felix the Cat animated shorts or features, however; instead, they will be using Felix’s famous face as part of a new fashion line.

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A Fascinating Day In Animation History: DreamWorks’ ‘The Prince of Egypt’ (1998)

Movie_the prince of egypt _385511

Fifteen years ago, Disney was shown again that they aren’t the only animation company capable of captivating audiences with award-winning music, story and design. The Prince of Egypt was DreamWorks’ first hand-drawn film and follows the story of Moses as told in Exodus of the Bible.  The film was critically acclaimed and enjoyed fantastic box office numbers, being the second non-Disney animated film to top $100 million (the first was [drumroll, wait for it] The Rugrats Movie). Its numbers wouldn’t be matched by a non-Disney film until The Simpsons Movie in 1997.

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‘Turbo’ Turns Animated Series…FAST


It feels like only yesterday I was seeing the first previews for DreamWorks’ Turbo, but the film about a snail who dreams of being a racer that debuted this summer has already leant itself to a spinoff cartoon series to premiere this month. The show, titled Turbo FAST, will premiere on Netflix as their first original series for kids and will likely be a hit with very young children. I found the movie to be a predictable rehashing of far better scripts, but there were some moments and characters enjoyable to watch.

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DreamWorks, Super RTL Join Forces in Europe


DreamWorks Animation has partnered with Super RTL, Europe’s most watched children’s network, to supply the network with over 1,200 hours of programming for the next seven years. Super RTL currently has a deal in place with Disney for its exclusive programming, but that deal ends at the end of this year allowing DreamWorks to fill the void.

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‘The Croods’ Come to TV


Following the lead of a group of wacky penguins, and the adventures of a kung fu fighting panda, DreamWorks Animation plans to bring recent feature-length animated hit, The Croods, to the small screen. Jeffrey Katzenberg, the CEO of DreamWorks, recently explained the future plans of the animation division on a recent call to stockholders regarding first quarter earnings.

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