Watch This: New Trailer for ‘The Book of Life’


20th Century Fox and Reel FX have released a new trailer for their upcoming animated feature The Book of Life. Check it out after the jump …

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Watch This: Behold the Beauty of Reel FX’s ‘The Book of Life’ Trailer

The Book of Life

The first trailer for producer Guillermo Del Toro and writer/director Jorge Gutierrez‘s new animated film The Book of Life is now available online. First reaction: this movie looks beautiful. Check it out after the jump…

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Fox Hosts Art Show for ‘Book of Life’


20th Century Fox hosted a private showing this week of art from their upcoming animated feature film The Book of Life. The event took place at the Ace Gallery in Los Angeles and  featured a display of concept art, sketches, and paintings that have helped define the look and feel of the film.

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