Netflix Streaming Drops a Cartoon Network/Adult Swim Bomb On Your Queue!


If you’re a fan of animation than Netflix Streaming has just become your new best friend. Starting today, Netflix has added 26 Cartoon Network and Adult Swim series’ to their Instant Streaming service and quite a few of those have multiple seasons available.

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New Release Tuesday, March 26th 2013!


We’re at the tail end of March, a month that has been packed with new animated releases from all sorts of companies in a variety of formats. Today only brings us two new releases, but both are more mature offerings in the realm of animation, providing enamoring tales and compelling artwork. Those releases are Tatsumi and Alois NebelNot only are both films available today on DVD, but both also began streaming via Netflix Instant today as well.

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Dreamworks and Netflix Come Together For Exclusive Animated Series


Despite being a few months away from its July 19th opening, Dreamworks already has a huge amount of faith in its upcoming 3-D CG feature, Turbo; a film about a snail named Turbo with big dreams that, after an accidental turn of events, gains super speed. Dreamworks is showing that faith by joining forces with media-streaming powerhouse Netflix to bring Turbo to the small screen with its own series, Turbo: F.A.S.T. (Fast Action Stunt Team).

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