New Art and Details Released for Disney’s ‘Big Hero 6’


Walt Disney Animation Studios has released new art and additional details about their upcoming animated feature Big Hero 6. Co-directors Don Hall and Chris Williams spoke with USA Today this week about the film. Three new images of Hiro and Baymax were included in the article and released to media outlets. A new teaser trailer for the highly anticipated film will debut online this Thursday, May 22nd.

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Watch This: See a Spinning CG Shoe in New ‘Cinderella’ Teaser


The Walt Disney Studios has released a new teaser trailer and poster for its upcoming live-action telling of Cinderella. The teaser is, well, truly a teaser. It reveals nothing except that our live-action heroine (played by actress Lily James) must learn to walk in some seriously high (and fragile) heels.

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Hot Topic Releases Exclusive ‘Maleficent’ Merch


As no-brainers go, this is a 100% lobotomy. Of course Hot Topic is going to carry Disney’s Maleficent products! This is like the culmination of all things Hot Topic—Disney (check!), edgy-borderline goth villain (check!), curious teen tempted by the dark side (check!), possibilities for an infinite amount of dark, cool hipster apparel and accessories from aforementioned checklist (CHECKMATE!).

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Miyazaki Comes Out of Retirement to Direct Feature for Disney


The Walt Disney Studios announced today that revered animation director Hayao Miyazaki will come out of retirement to direct a remake of Disney’s 1985 animated feature The Black Cauldron. “We couldn’t be more thrilled that Hayao Miyazaki has agreed to lead this exciting project,” said a Disney executive. “The Black Cauldron is one of the films in our canon that, well, could use a reboot. Miyazaki wanted a meaty project, particularly one with an oracular pig, so we decided to give him this one.” Miyazaki had no comment.

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Disney Announces ‘Incredibles 2’ and ‘Cars 3’ at Annual Shareholder Meeting


Pixar Animation Studios fans had a major reason to rejoice this past week with the announcement of a long-awaited and long-dreamed-of sequel to the fan favorite film The Incredibles. Disney CEO Bob Iger made the announcement at The Walt Disney Company Annual Shareholders Meeting held this year in Portland, Oregon. Also announced at the meeting was another sequel to Pixar’s wildly successful (if not as beloved to adult animation fans) Cars franchise.

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“Animation Fascination” Episode 64: AF News – Week of March 2, 2014

AF 64

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Site columnist Jessica Wersky joins Marc to catch up on and discuss all the latest animation news. This episode is full of Disney properties with a dash of DreamWorks and Reel FX.

News discussed this episode: Frozen joining the one billion dollars club at the box office as well as winning the Oscar for best animated feature and a possible ride we’d like to see built at Disney World/Disneyland. Star Wars Rebels character profiles, and a possible new Shrek film in the future.

(Recorded on 03/03/14)

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Fantastic New Disney and Pixar Movie Poster Art on Exhibit This Week at SXSW


In conjunction with this year’s SXSW Festival, The Walt Disney Company’s Oh My Disney blog and the always awesome Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas, have joined forces for an incredible exhibit of original poster art celebrating films from the Disney Studios (both live action and animation) and Pixar Animation Studios.

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New ‘Disney Movies Anywhere’ App Launches


After canceling their proposed “Disney Studio All Access” online service over a year ago, The Walt Disney Studios has finally green-lit and launched their latest digital streaming movie service now known as Disney Movies Anywhere. The service allows you to stream your Disney, Pixar, and Marvel digital movie collection on your computer or mobile device, and allows you to browse and purchase a wide variety of Disney films.

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Viewpoint: What Disney Should Do Next with ‘Frozen’


Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Frozen is a huge hit beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, including my own. The film is close to earning $1 billion dollars at the global box office (as of today, it stands at $958,495,613). The YouTube video of the film’s “Let It Go” sequence as sung by Idina Menzel has had over 100 million views and has spurred on countless video covers of the song done by everyone and their dog (and their dog’s dog). The film’s soundtrack reached the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart, the first soundtrack from a Disney animated film to do so since 1995’s Pocahontas.

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