Cartoon Marketing: No Girls Allowed


It may not shock and awe quite like Phil Robertson’s GQ interview, but Kevin Smith did get some scandalous insider info out of Paul Dini during one of his Fatman on Batman podcasts this month. The admission that cartoon execs do not care about what their girl audience wants to see may initially sound like run-of-the-mill big business statistic speak, but the reality should resonate as a bit more troubling than that. Dini admits hearing many times networks saying they don’t want girls watching their shows because they don’t buy enough toys. As Smith argues in the interview, it’s sad that because of this, the shows are actually being veered away from them.

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Final Countdown to ‘Frozen’


We’re just days away from the U.S. release of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 53rd animated motion picture Frozen. More and more people have seen the film, more and more interviews with the filmmakers have been published, and more and more excitement is building around the film’s release. Here are some noteworthy things for you to check out. Also note that this is a spoiler-free zone (I haven’t seen the film yet myself).

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