BlizzCon 2014: First ever ‘Hearthstone’ expansion announced for December 2014


BlizzCon 2014 is in the books and with it a slew of new announcements from Blizzard Entertainment. One major announcement was for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft with their first expansion Goblins VS Gnomes which is slated for December 2014. The new expansion includes 120 brand new cards for players to add to their various decks. I will tell you as a Hearthstone player, I am very excited for this new set.

The artwork on each card is wacky and fun and every card has a unique ability and can change the game in an instant. If you aren’t familiar with Hearthstone, it is an online version of what used to be the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game that was published by Upper Deck and then picked up by Cryptozoic. The game is completely free to play and allows players to buy more card packs or adventures via micro transactions. In the game players build decks centered around different classes from the Warcraft universe and they play other players with those decks. I mostly run Mage, Rogue and Shaman decks. With the new GVG expansion, players can now use mechs as their minions as well as one of my favorite cards revealed, the exploding sheep.

You may be asking “How do I summon minions and spells?” The answer to that is mana. Each turn players increase their mana by one. You start with one mana at the beginning of the game and it will build each turn until it caps at 10. Players can also use abilities that are specific to their class for two mana. As the Mage I use a fireball spell that deals one damage to any minion or opposing player I choose.

I can’t tell you how excited for this expansion I am and I hope you are too. For more on Hearthstone keep it right here.

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