Disney CEO Bob Iger, Fields Animation Questions at Annual Shareholders Meeting


The Walt Disney Company held its annual shareholders meeting yesterday in Phoenix, AZ. As is customary at the meeting, after all formal business is conducted, the floor is opened for shareholders to ask questions of Disney’s top management. Some of the questions posed to Disney CEO Bob Iger were about Disney animation.

Any plans for Oswald?
A question was asked from a shareholder and rabid Oswald the Lucky Rabbit fan if there were any more plans for Oswald. Mr. Iger stated that he wasn’t aware of any animation work or filmed entertainment about Oswald currently in progress. He did acknowledge the Oswald apparel currently being offered at the Disney Store as well as Oswald’s appearances in the Epic Mickey and Epic Mickey 2 video games.
Any plans for another 2D animated feature?
Another shareholder and avid Disney and Pixar animation fan asked if any 2D animated films are in the pipeline at Disney. Mr. Iger responded that, to his knowledge, they are not developing any 2D or hand-drawn feature animated films currently, but did say that there was a fair amount of hand-drawn animation being done for television. (For another take on this, check out Steve Hulett’s analysis as well as the comments on The Animation Guild Blog).
When it comes to Disney films, whose opinions are more important–critics or kids?
An eight-year-old shareholder (attending her sixth shareholder meeting!) asked Mr. Iger when it comes to Disney movies, is it more important about what the critics say or what kids say. Mr. Iger said “Absolutely kids.” Mr. Iger then asked the young shareholder what her favorite movie was, to which the girl enthusiastically responded Cars 2, and she told Mr. Iger that she and all of her friends want a Cars 3 (I’m just reporting…).
When will “Song of the South” be released again for the U.S. market?
Thankfully, all in attendance were spared this question this year.
A webcast replay of the meeting is available on the Disney Investor Relations website until March 20, 2013.

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