DreamWorks Hires New TV Division Leader


DreamWorks Animation is building up their TV animation business in a big way. This week, DreamWorks announced that Marjorie Cohn will be the new head of its TV division. Cohn has worked for Nickelodeon for the last 26 years, helping to build it into the kids’ programming powerhouse that it is today.

In her new job at DreamWorks, Cohn will be responsible to deliver all of the new TV programming for the multiple deals that DreamWorks has, well, in the works, including the mondo animation deal with Netflix. Cohn will be reunited with Nick vets Mark Taylor, DreamWorks’ TV production head, and Peter Gal, DreamWorks’ TV development head.


Cohn stated:

“I did a lot animation in my career, but the ability to focus is what makes the difference…When I was doing everything, I had to switch my head back and forth—and the idea of starting a TV division was irresistible. This is really going to be about finding the right talent, and the great thing about this we have a big commitment up front. We want all of the best talent at DreamWorks.”

On the chance to work with Taylor and Gal again, Cohn said, “It’s kind of like getting the band back together.”

Ann Daly, DreamWorks COO, told the Hollywood Reporter:

“Having Margie join us to head our television efforts is an incredible coup for DreamWorks Animation. She is uniquely suited with the experience, skill and creativity to immediately dive in and oversee our aggressive expansion into this space. Margie has tremendous instincts when it comes to kids programming, and we can’t wait to unleash her creative force on DreamWorks vast IP to bring exciting new content to families across the world.”

Source: Animation Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, CNN

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