Teaser Trailer for ‘Peanuts’ is Disarmingly Charming

Peanuts Teaser

Blue Sky released their teaser trailer for the upcoming film based on the Peanuts comics and cartoons of Charles Schulz and I can’t stop watching it! The concerns about turning such a familiar 2D design into a 3D world had many of us traditional animation addicts highly skeptical, but the care and attention the studio apparently is putting into the adaptation is amazing.

The nuances in character design, the layering effects of the expressions, the overly expressive gestures of the poses, the silliness of the story in the trailer all lend to the feeling that this is going to be a charming homage to the original work. In fact, (dare I say it) this may even top some of the Charlie Brown cartoons because I am utterly in awe of the rendering of the animation in this clip and that’s not something you can always say for the old cartoons. Certainly the classic strip always had heart, though, so we’ll see how much of that and good story Blue Sky has in store for us.

Whether or not the trailer’s a good indicator of how the film will be, I’m ready to kick the football and find out!

Thank you Michael Daley for posting this cool article about some more technical aspects of the ‘Peanuts’ animation.

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