Top Ten Most Fascinating Animated Characters: Number 1

mickey 01

So, this “little thought experiment” I came up with in January was supposed to take only a few months, and ended up spanning all of 2015. Usually, a delay like that would embarrass me, but this time I think it’s sort of nice. Bookending the year with the start to and completion of a series that I am proud of feels gratifying, especially since I am teeming with unfinished, (not-even-started) projects all the time. Looking back, I am still in 90% agreement with my choices, although I now find Spot from The Good Dinosaur to be a must-have addition to the list. Anyhoo, I’m sure there’s no one following along who’s been completely simpatico with me, and this final choice will assure many readers that I am an animation rube. However, I hope you read the entire argument as to why I believe this endearing, enduring mouse deserves the top spot. Oh boy!

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Watch This: New Teaser Trailer for LAIKA’s ‘Kubo and the Two Strings’



The fourth animated feature from LAIKA was recently announced. The film is titled Kubo and the Two Strings. LAIKA also released a gorgeous new teaser for the film.

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Viewpoint: ‘Toy Story’ Turns 20

toy story 20th anniversary logo

© Disney/Pixar

Pixar Animation Studios‘ first full-length animated motion picture Toy Story just celebrated its 20th birthday. The landmark film opened in November 1995, creating a new industry (commercially viable computer-generated animated feature films), a new artistic aesthetic, and an unforgettable and delightful film.

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‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ Coming Soon to Digital HD

snow white 02

© Disney

“The fairest one of all” is making its way out of the Disney vault and back on store shelves (both digital and physical) with the upcoming re-release of Disney Animation’s first animated motion picture Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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Watch This: A Holiday Greeting from ‘The Secret Life of Pets’


© Illumination Entertainment/Universal Pictures

Ever wonder what pets do when their people leave the house? Well, it looks like we’ll be finding out one prevailing theory next summer when Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures release their next animated comedy The Secret Life of Pets. Check out this clever holiday card from the cast.

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