‘Big Hero 6’: Disney and Marvel Working Together

Big Hero 6 concept logo

Author’s Note: We at Animation Fascination are fascinated with all things Big Hero 6, Walt Disney Animation Studios‘ 54th animated motion picture currently in production. We will be regularly publishing articles about the project and about the filmmakers. Today’s article discusses the origins of the project and Marvel’s involvement.

When The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel in 2009, speculation ran rampant about what Marvel property would be the first to receive the full Disney animated treatment. It took almost four years for an announcement to come and it turned out to be a bit of a doozy. The first collaboration between Walt Disney Animation Studios and Marvel is an obscure comic title from the Marvel archives called Big Hero 6. Now, the film has been introduced to the public, is currently in production, and has an official release date—November 7, 2014.

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Final Countdown to ‘Frozen’


We’re just days away from the U.S. release of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 53rd animated motion picture Frozen. More and more people have seen the film, more and more interviews with the filmmakers have been published, and more and more excitement is building around the film’s release. Here are some noteworthy things for you to check out. Also note that this is a spoiler-free zone (I haven’t seen the film yet myself).

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Disney’s The Little Mermaid Diamond Edition Blu-ray Combo Pack Available October 1st!

tlm blu

With Disney’s Peter Pan Blu-ray edition releasing in just a few days (Feb. 5th), many were wondering what the next big release might be. Wonder no longer, boys and girls, because Ariel and her friends from under the sea are making their way into your hearts and homes this coming October 1st!

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